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  1. Kunstmaan

    [SOLVED]Need help importing dxf file in Alibre V27

    Hi all, I am allready all evening trying to get this dxf file into a part. The dxf is PCB board from witch I need a prt file 1,55mm thick. First I opened the file and then activated the sketch and slected only the layers I need Then select all, ctrl-c Opened a new part, opened a new sketch and...
  2. CrookedwoodTex

    Slice 2D DXF from 3D STL

    The file I’m using for an example comes from Terrain2STL and here is the link to Terrain2STL. I’m looking for an easy way to get a 2D slice out of the 3D STL. There are so many STLs around for 3D printing, and my current project is a lake outline from an STL created with Terrain2STL. Ideally, I...
  3. jordanyte

    Flat part drawing orientation for laser cutting - RESOLVED

    I have an assembly where several of the parts are oriented on different planes at odd angles - 5 deg and 17 degrees for example. The entire assembly is to be fabricated from laser cut sheet stock, 4.5mm thick. To generate the outputs that will drive the cutter, I must create 2D flat outlines...
  4. Mika

    Sheet 2 of 3 - Cutlist

    Hi. If I'll make my weldment structure assy drawing in a sheet 1 of 3 and want to make 2 of 3 as "cutlist". What is the best way to bring those assembly parts on that sheet separately from the assembly? Putting those as a new views from partfiles, will change my drawing sheet name, so that is...
  5. J

    How to change colours of imported dxf

    I've been sent some dxf drawings that I need to use as the basis of a new design. However, when these are imported into Alibre many of the lines and features are in a very hard to read colour (yellow on the white background is particularly hard!). How can the imported drawing be edited to...
  6. M

    generate a .dxf with an image

    I've created a drawing and added an image to it. but when I create a dxf I get the drawing without the image. Is there a way to generate the dxf with the image?