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  1. D

    Exporting part as STEP AP 242

    Hello everyone I am trying to export a simple 3D part into the STEP AP 242 format. I've tried looking at the docs and was not able to find the correct export type. Additionally, the Part Exporter sample script does not have the option for that format. Does anybody know if that is even possible...
  2. jfleming

    Exporting....File Type Defaults?

    Is there a way to control the Default Filetypes for the export options. In example attached, I prefer to use Step AP 242 File, versus Step AP 203. It sounds trivial, but it is 2 extra mouse-clicks every time I export a file. It adds up though. The same is true for DWG Files.. It defaults...
  3. E

    Export to Keyshot file freezes Alibre

    Hello, I have a recurrent problem on two different computers with windows 10: every time I export an assembly to a keyshot file, my Alibre software freezes after the export is finished and I need to restart it every time. Anyone out there with the same problem ? or would someone know how to...
  4. 3DPrince

    Setting Export file type default

    I am new to Atom 3D (V22)... Every time I "Export" the finished part, it always comes up to export as ".stp" and then I have to scroll down to the bottom of the file types to select ".stl" It would nice if I could set this somehow to ".stl" as the default. Could this be done in settings? - I...
  5. jordanyte

    Flat part drawing orientation for laser cutting - RESOLVED

    I have an assembly where several of the parts are oriented on different planes at odd angles - 5 deg and 17 degrees for example. The entire assembly is to be fabricated from laser cut sheet stock, 4.5mm thick. To generate the outputs that will drive the cutter, I must create 2D flat outlines...
  6. B

    export to IGES or SolidWorks missing

    I 'upgraded' to 2019. I now can't seem to export to IGES or to SolidWorks native formats. I've also received comments from colleagues that files I've exported in STP format do not import correctly. Anyone else having these issues? BC