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  1. C

    What approach to take with designing a case top with different side shapes

    Hi there, I'm brand-new to Alibre Design pro. I have watched some/most of the provided free video content. This is literally day 1 of my journey with using the program. I am trying to recreate a case lid as a means of learning the software. I am trying to approximate or create a toy version of...
  2. marsheng

    Recess part of component

    Sketch 1 is the outline Sketch 2 is thinning the bottom part by -2 mm - Tried various options but can't get this to work. Sketch 3 is a test and it works fine. Stumped !!! Once this is right, Is there a quick way to duplicate sketch 2 on the other side ? The part is 10 mm thick with the...
  3. CrookedwoodTex

    Fillet on Extruded Text

    Thanks for looking at this! I'm just learning on the Trial Version of Atom3D. Coming from Sketchup 2017 and trying to find a viable replacement. I think I have. Working through a simple design for a branding iron logo, I've extruded some text from a flat plane part. Then it occurred to me that...
  4. 5

    extrude cutting a 3d sketch

    So I have a part that I managed to get the surface correctly lofted but I now need to build a pocket inside of it. I want to make the first step of the pocket inset .250" and then it gets lofted to a flat bottom (sketch 11). How do I go about getting the first step? I have created a 3d sketch...