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  1. Joseph_L

    Announcing- Integration of Native Alibre Files in Mecway!

    Hello all! We are excited to share a significant development that will greatly benefit those of you who utilize Alibre Design in conjunction with finite element analysis. Mecway, one of our favorite FEA platforms, now supports the direct import of native Alibre Design parts and assemblies...
  2. M

    Surface/sheet bodies for FEA

    Hi Guys Is it possible to model only sheet/surfaces on Atom3D? I only use the the software for FEA purposes and not really interested in developing solid models. I need to develop a sheet body/surface which can be exported as a .stp file. I know that some of the high end CAD packages allow one...
  3. Hunter

    Preprocessing for FEA

    When I bought Alibre, I didn't really do my homework regarding the built-in surfacing tools. I'm now often in a situation where I need to do one of the following, but cannot really do it in Alibre. I realise Alibre is not a preprocessor, but I could do this in my other (yes, more expensive) 3D...
  4. A

    Alibre & Calculix- shell elements?

    Hello everyone, It's my first post here, so it's time to greet You. I am Alibre Design user from Poland. I am looking for method of exporting files, that could be used on Calculix (with pre-post procesor PrePoMax) as a shell elments- but I am not sure if this is possible in Alibre Design? I...
  5. TimoCAD

    Slice or Split solid to compound solid

    Hey guys, is it possible to slice or Split a solid with a plane so that it gets an internal face in AD? Useful for splitting the shank of bolts for fea, or getting faces for boundary conditions, clamping faces, etc.