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  1. M

    Surface/sheet bodies for FEA

    Hi Guys Is it possible to model only sheet/surfaces on Atom3D? I only use the the software for FEA purposes and not really interested in developing solid models. I need to develop a sheet body/surface which can be exported as a .stp file. I know that some of the high end CAD packages allow one...
  2. Hunter

    Preprocessing for FEA

    When I bought Alibre, I didn't really do my homework regarding the built-in surfacing tools. I'm now often in a situation where I need to do one of the following, but cannot really do it in Alibre. I realise Alibre is not a preprocessor, but I could do this in my other (yes, more expensive) 3D...
  3. A

    Alibre & Calculix- shell elements?

    Hello everyone, It's my first post here, so it's time to greet You. I am Alibre Design user from Poland. I am looking for method of exporting files, that could be used on Calculix (with pre-post procesor PrePoMax) as a shell elments- but I am not sure if this is possible in Alibre Design? I...
  4. TimoCAD

    Slice or Split solid to compound solid

    Hey guys, is it possible to slice or Split a solid with a plane so that it gets an internal face in AD? Useful for splitting the shank of bolts for fea, or getting faces for boundary conditions, clamping faces, etc.