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  1. A

    File Properties in windows Explorer

    I want to know if there is any way to link the properties of a file to the details that appear for each file in windows explorer. Has someone done it, or does someone else have the same isue as me? Example:
  2. idslk

    Script Release - Open a glp-file window

    Hello colleagues, this script opens the GLP-Parameter window from the design were the script was started. You don't have to know the name or location of the GLP-File, this will be done by the script automatically. Best you copy the protected script into your default script folder. If you havent...
  3. evandene

    (solved) V21 doesn't open any alibre file - SpacePilot Driver culprit

    Hi, I upgraded ALIBRE Design from 2019 to V21 with no problem during installation. But when opening a file all looks well until rendering is finished and than Alibre crashes without any warning or error. Any help is welcome
  4. 5

    .igs import issue

    having some trouble with a large .igs file. It took about an hour! to import but did work. I saved the file but when I reopen It nothing is there. The part is visible and looks perfect in the thumbnail for recent files, but when I open it there is nothing?? any tricks I am missing??? I have...