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  1. Stuart

    Perpendicular / Corner Loft

    How do I get this loft to be tangent to each perpendicular face? I want it to be smooth like a fillet on an edge. I've selected tangent on the curved end. If I select tangent on the rectangular end, I can't find any magnitude or angle that will make it smooth.
  2. CrookedwoodTex

    Fillet on Extruded Text

    Thanks for looking at this! I'm just learning on the Trial Version of Atom3D. Coming from Sketchup 2017 and trying to find a viable replacement. I think I have. Working through a simple design for a branding iron logo, I've extruded some text from a flat plane part. Then it occurred to me that...
  3. N

    Fillet Window No Longer Pops Up

    Since upgrading to the latest version of Alibre Design, the fillet window does not appear after I click on the fillet icon. The other windows appear if I click on those (chamfer, linear pattern, etc.) - just not the fillet window. I've searched and cannot find how to get that window to...