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  1. M

    Helical gear

    I have old Alibre 2011 expert and I have a problem. I need to make helical gear. 2D sketch is easy and I have tooth profile there. But my old alibre doesn't allow helical boss because it requires reference line. If it could use reference axis then it would be easy.
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  3. Oldbelt

    Gear templates Gear

    Gear templates for straight, helix, bevel gear and racks
  4. Oldbelt

    Gear templates

    Gear templates to straight , helical, bevel and racks gears
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    Gear design
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    Gear design
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    Gear design
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    Gear design
  9. D

    Suggestions for new features

    I'm not sure this is where this should go, but if not, hopefully the moderator will put it where is should be. There are 2 things I would like to see added to Alibre: 1. Add the ability to do gears. Frankly, I'm really surprised that this capability isn't there, but it's not. We should be able...
  10. Kunstmaan

    Number of teeth on gear

    LS, For a school project i have to produce a simple demonstration pinion/gear combination. The used material wil be multiplex (lasered) . I am intending to use a 190mm diameter disk using the script from: http://www.britishideas.com/2013/04/25/involute-gears-in-alibre-design/ The question how...