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  3. Dantahoua

    Trying Alibre and need to know if this kind of loft is possible

    Hello! I'm a guitar maker. I'm also a "switcher", trying Alibre to see if it could replace Fusion360 as I hate having all my stuff in the cloud... I'm a user of the loft tool a lot in Fusion360. I want to know if I could achieve the same thing in Alibre Atom3D. I upload a file so it's easier to...
  4. bigseb

    BC Rich Humbucker 2020-06-23

    BC Rich Humbucker
  5. bigseb

    BC Rich Tuner 2020-06-21

    BC Rich Tuner. See configs for top/bottom alignment.
  6. bigseb

    BC Rich Tune-O-Matic ABR-1 Bridge 2020-06-21

    BC Rich Tune-O-Matic ABR-1 Bridge