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hatch pattern

  1. S

    2019 - No shading in sectioned parts

    Hi, my 2D drawings don't seem to display any shading/hatch pattern when I create a section view. Has anyone else found this?
  2. T

    How do I hatch an area with a circular edge tangent to a line?

    The hatch in 2018 works fine with lines intersecting at angles to form a shape. It fails when I try to hatch an area that has a fillet blending into a line. The full line is selected instead of the line up to the point of intersection. Sometimes I can hatch an area that has an internal hole...
  3. Lew_Merrick

    Alibre Hatch Pattern Definition 2017-09-21

    This document (PDF) explains how to create a hatch pattern for your usage and enjoyment.