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  1. M

    locating holes on reference geometry

    I need to create three holes in this very simple adapter. I find myself at odds with the Alibre workflow - I have to be missing something obvious. This part will be 3D printed. For some reason, I can't get the holes located where I need them - on the corners, concentric with the curve of the...
  2. M00m137

    Drilled holes not changing with configuration

    Hi all, I have two configurations of a part. It's basically a flat plate with some through holes (generally Extrusions) and blind holes (generally drilled Holes because I want the right profile at the bottom). In my two configurations, I have slightly different diameters on some of the through...
  3. LaurineBodin

    Get the coordinates of holes in an Excel

    Hello everyone, I am a beginner on Alibre Design, so I would like to know if anyone can tell me if thanks to this software I can export data in an excel. My project : - I create a "table" - In this board I create several holes of coordinates X and Y, with a depth "D" and a diameter "Di" - I...