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  1. jasonmburns

    Physical Threads for Additive Manufacturing

    Since we are now able to 3D Print very strong and high precision parts using technologies such as SLA resin printing and SLS nylon powder printing, isn't it time that Alibre add the option for physical threads in the hole tool like many other modern 3D CAD programs? I know there are ways to...
  2. M

    locating holes on reference geometry

    I need to create three holes in this very simple adapter. I find myself at odds with the Alibre workflow - I have to be missing something obvious. This part will be 3D printed. For some reason, I can't get the holes located where I need them - on the corners, concentric with the curve of the...
  3. M00m137

    Drilled holes not changing with configuration

    Hi all, I have two configurations of a part. It's basically a flat plate with some through holes (generally Extrusions) and blind holes (generally drilled Holes because I want the right profile at the bottom). In my two configurations, I have slightly different diameters on some of the through...
  4. LaurineBodin

    Get the coordinates of holes in an Excel

    Hello everyone, I am a beginner on Alibre Design, so I would like to know if anyone can tell me if thanks to this software I can export data in an excel. My project : - I create a "table" - In this board I create several holes of coordinates X and Y, with a depth "D" and a diameter "Di" - I...