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  1. QCTP Render 3.jpg

    QCTP Render 3.jpg

    Alternate view, rendered with Simlab Composer.
  2. QCTP Render 2.jpg

    QCTP Render 2.jpg

    Rendered with Simlab Composer
  3. QCTP Render.jpg

    QCTP Render.jpg

    Rendered with Simlab Composer.
  4. QCTP 2.0 Holder Sub.jpg

    QCTP 2.0 Holder Sub.jpg

    The tool holder assembly.
  5. QCTP 2.0 ToolPost Sub.jpg

    QCTP 2.0 ToolPost Sub.jpg

    The toolpost assembly.
  6. QCTP 2.0 Exploded.jpg

    QCTP 2.0 Exploded.jpg

    Exploded view, showing the individual parts.
  7. QCTP 2.0 Complete.jpg

    QCTP 2.0 Complete.jpg

    A hybrid lathe quick change toolpost using my favorite features from the Swiss Multifix and German Drehblitz tool posts. It has 36 splines, so the tool can be indexed in 10 degree increments. This view includes the lathe's compound rest.