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  1. VoltsAndBolts

    Keyshot 7 to 11

    Keyshot 7 to 11 Recently had a computer issue and am currently reinstalling all of my software. I'm sure some of you've been there before. In any case, I had Keyshot 7 and had never tried to upgrade it. I am running the current version of Alibre Expert (27) with maintenance. Can I just install...
  2. E

    Export to Keyshot file freezes Alibre

    Hello, I have a recurrent problem on two different computers with windows 10: every time I export an assembly to a keyshot file, my Alibre software freezes after the export is finished and I need to restart it every time. Anyone out there with the same problem ? or would someone know how to...
  3. Kunstmaan

    Keyshot 9/ rotating object

    LS, After sending a model from Alibro to Keyshot I would like to make a animation of that part where the part is shown from all sides. Is this possible and how to?? Mareike
  4. R105733 Rollagerdraagpot M4.123

    R105733 Rollagerdraagpot M4.123

  5. P

    How do I get started with Keyshot?

    Have latest Alibre & Keyshot 8.2 installed. Can't figure out how to license Keyshot. Is there any basic getting started documentation? Thanks, Stephen
  6. RocketNut

    KeyShot Error

    HI When I tried to send a part to KeyShot and got this attached error:(
  7. T

    Request: Preserve separate feature colors for Keyshort export

    I use Alibre Design quite a lot in conjunction with Altium Designer to detail the mechanical aspects of my projects and to create more complete representations of a finished product, where the electronics is only a part of a much bigger overall project. I have recently started to use Keyshot to...