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  1. jordanyte

    How to use a part surface as 2D drawing reference plane

    I need to use 2D drawings to export outlines for CNC/Laser cutting. Problem is many of the parts in the assembly do not align to any normal workspace reference plane. So how can I control the reference so that I have an accurate 2D drawing outline of the part, perpendicular to that part...
  2. jordanyte

    Flat part drawing orientation for laser cutting - RESOLVED

    I have an assembly where several of the parts are oriented on different planes at odd angles - 5 deg and 17 degrees for example. The entire assembly is to be fabricated from laser cut sheet stock, 4.5mm thick. To generate the outputs that will drive the cutter, I must create 2D flat outlines...
  3. SherpaDoug

    How to export sheet metal flat pattern as .dwg?

    I have modeled a sheet metal (sheet cardboard) part and I can unfold it with flat pattern. But how do I export it as something like a .dwg file so I can feed it to my laser cutter? There must be an obvious way that I just can't find.