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  1. Brandon_Velmex

    Another Excel Add In Issue

    I have successfully installed the Alibre Excel Add-In, however, now the add in will not accept any values to link with dimensions of a part. I have tried a few solutions from previous posts in the forum, but I have not found any other errors which match mine. No matter what cell I link to, I...
  2. Z

    Link Global Parameters to Spreadsheet

    Hi Does anyone know whether it is possible to link Global Parameters to a spreadsheet. The green button (as seen in this post: https://www.alibreforum.com/forum/index.php?posts/123500/ ) is enabled in a new Global Parameters file (although nothing happens when it is clicked). However, as soon...
  3. batejosh

    Link dimensions from one part to another

    Hi Fellow Users, I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to link dimensions from one part to another. The end result would be something like: sketch design geometry in one part then create other parts which use the dimensions from that sketch. Then when I change the dimensions in the sketch...