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  1. L

    Problems with Lofting

    This is my first attempt at lofting. I'm trying to make a curved cover over this tail section. I only have the two drawings labelled front and rear to attempt to loft between. The rear was only a guess at what it could look like. I'm currently getting the error "Guide curve does not start and...
  2. M

    Lofting through an angle between two intersecting planes

    This is hard to describe. In the attached model I want to loft from sketch 2 to sketch 3. I get the "multiple loops is not supported for lofts" (Loft 20 fails) I can't figure out how to get around this. A pointer in the right direction is much obliged.
  3. GIOV

    Hull with new feature Loft

    Hi Harold or all, Please do the loft of this example hull with the new feature, from a bow inside surface of the bow (in yellow) and trough the all frames & transom. See the ScreenPic: Please export the file to STEP. I do like evaluate this new feature. Thanks very much in advance! GIOV
  4. Stuart

    Perpendicular / Corner Loft

    How do I get this loft to be tangent to each perpendicular face? I want it to be smooth like a fillet on an edge. I've selected tangent on the curved end. If I select tangent on the rectangular end, I can't find any magnitude or angle that will make it smooth.
  5. V

    Lofted path with guide curves generates s-shape

    I created 4 guide curves and 2 profiles to generate a loft, the result is correct at the guide curves but creates a S-shape in between. The different options in the loft feature have no effect. Is there a way to get the result shown in green? PS: I started with a sweep which did not give the...
  6. T

    Lofting intersecting planes

    Documentation says it cant be done. Any suggestions on how I would accomplish this? Lofting the sketch on YZ to the sketch on XZ along the 1/4 ellipse on YX plane and the origin. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Todd
  7. S

    Trying to create a boss loft between 3 extrusions

    This should seem like a simple matter, connecting two surfaces with a boss loft, but I am running into errors. Please help!
  8. S

    Broken stl from very simple part

    Hi, first forum post but used search to solve previous problems. 2d cad user for 30+ years. Have used Alibre for 5 years (started with Geomagic), currently V22. Generally produce parts for 3d printing. I wanted to create a very simple adaptor from old slightly larger square rainwater downpipe...
  9. C

    Can I make something like this in Alibre (Loft-Sweep-Spline-Blend)?

    Hi Guys :-) This is my first post in here. As an "old" Alibre user (2014) I am really, REALLY, REALLY excited to find out that my old "love" have come back, better and stronger than ever before. I have literaly struggled with FreeCad and it nearly killed me, because everything was hard to do...
  10. Dantahoua

    Trying Alibre and need to know if this kind of loft is possible

    Hello! I'm a guitar maker. I'm also a "switcher", trying Alibre to see if it could replace Fusion360 as I hate having all my stuff in the cloud... I'm a user of the loft tool a lot in Fusion360. I want to know if I could achieve the same thing in Alibre Atom3D. I upload a file so it's easier to...
  11. Stuart

    2D Loft Problems

    Hello, I haven't used loft before, so I decided to try a simple loft with a 2D guide. I ran into 2 problems. The loft is not symmetrical like the examples in the videos. They look very similar, although the examples have a 3D guide. How do I get it to make the loft symmetrical? When I edit...
  12. E

    Difficulty creating a simple loft

    I want to create a loft from a rectangular surface with rounded corners to an "obround shape" directly above it. The only way I can even get it to create a loft is with the following options: Note that it doesn't matter if "simplify surface" is checked or not. Here's the twisted result I'm...
  13. 5

    Guide Curve issue

    Hey guys, great info on this forum but I cant seem to solve this one on my own. Trying to loft and always get a non continuous guide curve error. Hopefully fresh eyes can see something I've missed? I have managed to get this to work on other drawings but this is being troublesome.
  14. E

    Lofting a rounded rectangle to an oval

    I'm having trouble getting a nice loft from a rounded rectangle to an oval shape. I tried this earlier with a rounded square to a circle and it worked perfect. I've tried the various options letting Alibre create the loft from the surface to the sketch but the edges won't turn out right. I...
  15. P

    Help with loft using 3d curve

    Hello everyone, I am having issues with the attached file. The design is one half of a cover for a small bottle. When I loft the 3 sketches without the guide curves, the loft will complete, however when I try it with the 3d guide curve it fails. This is not the first time I have had this problem...