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  1. D

    How to access the owner of a parameter in a part through API?

    Looking at the Equation Editor, I can see multiple parameters. i.e. A1, A2.... with Equations, Result, Type, Owner, Source, Comment. Iterating through the parameters in the file: The owner value is missing. part = CurrentPart() for i in range(len(part.Parameters))...
  2. R

    How to Use a Parameter for Instance Count in Linear Pattern?

    Hi all, I have a parameter called "holeCount". I'm not seeing how to make the instance count of that circle use it. I.e. instead of "3" below, it should be "holeCount", which is currently 9 but will change as needed. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  3. Brandon_Velmex

    Editing a Part in an Assembly

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to change the length of a part in my assembly. I would like to steer clear of configurations, because I need the part to be able to be any length. Currently I have the length linked to a global parameter, which I am able to change in a script, but the length will not...
  4. Brandon_Velmex

    Global Parameter for Part Suppression?

    I have an assembly which I am controlling with a global parameter file. The assembly is somewhat complicated in that there are about a dozen or more different add-ons that can be added, like different adaptor plates, handles, and extra parts, etc. Is there a way to use the global parameter file...
  5. Brandon_Velmex

    Another Excel Add In Issue

    I have successfully installed the Alibre Excel Add-In, however, now the add in will not accept any values to link with dimensions of a part. I have tried a few solutions from previous posts in the forum, but I have not found any other errors which match mine. No matter what cell I link to, I...
  6. idslk

    Script Release - Open a glp-file window

    Hello colleagues, this script opens the GLP-Parameter window from the design were the script was started. You don't have to know the name or location of the GLP-File, this will be done by the script automatically. Best you copy the protected script into your default script folder. If you havent...
  7. D

    Pathetic question about parameters

    Sorry to bother you all with this simple question, but I cannot seem to find an answer. In an assembly, I'm using a large number of pieces of stock material: 2 inch x 4 inch lumber. I've got one part: "2 by 4 Lumber.AD_PRT" that shows a 2x4 cross section, with an extrude boss having the...
  8. batejosh

    Link dimensions from one part to another

    Hi Fellow Users, I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to link dimensions from one part to another. The end result would be something like: sketch design geometry in one part then create other parts which use the dimensions from that sketch. Then when I change the dimensions in the sketch...