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  1. S

    Print to 2d PDF - can't scale to fill paper

    I want to produce a normal 2d PDF of an assembly. Microsoft print to PDF results in the assembly too small bottom left of page. I have installed PDFill which gives me more options. I set scale to 0.70 which brings the assembly up to the correct size to fill the paper but some of it is missing...
  2. Hunter

    Shaded view in PDF is raster?

    Hi, I'm having an issue that my shaded views look flat and are raster images when I output to PDF. The views look great in Alibre's DRW, but the PDF looks, well, NOT great (but only the shaded views). Is this a known issue? I did a quick search and couldn't find anything. I tested with...
  3. V

    Missing system option PDF writers

    Am I the only one missing the PDF section under System options - Drawings? (screenshot was taken from help file) I already tried a reinstall.