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reference geometry

  1. M

    locating holes on reference geometry

    I need to create three holes in this very simple adapter. I find myself at odds with the Alibre workflow - I have to be missing something obvious. This part will be 3D printed. For some reason, I can't get the holes located where I need them - on the corners, concentric with the curve of the...
  2. J

    Reference pat geometry in assembly

    Hello. I want to create a rotating part pattern. Can I use an axis created in a part in the assembly? Reference pat geometry are invisible in the assembly. Regards, Jarek
  3. jordanyte

    How to use a part surface as 2D drawing reference plane

    I need to use 2D drawings to export outlines for CNC/Laser cutting. Problem is many of the parts in the assembly do not align to any normal workspace reference plane. So how can I control the reference so that I have an accurate 2D drawing outline of the part, perpendicular to that part...
  4. H-L-Smith

    Using Assembly Reference Geometry to Edit Part In-place

    I've constructed a reference axis in an assembly. It passes through an assembly part that I want to edit in place. I've placed a (assembly) point on the top surface of the part where the axis passes through it (pierce point). I want to use the above reference geometry constructs to edit the...