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  1. w3Leon

    Need dimensions on reduced scaled views

    Hello All, I'm looking for some help/advice with dimensions on a reduced scaled view on a 2D drawing. I make miniature reproduction items and some of my customers like to see comparative the dimensions of various reduced scales. My typical drawing format scales are Full, 1/3 and 1/4 on the...
  2. A

    Meshcam Pro adding margin for inset of a part

    Hello, Newbie to milling here! I designed a part and 3d printed it (it is an RFID antenna frame/trough) see photo black frame on white background. I want to inlay that into a piece of MDF in the other photo you can see the inlay paths in MeshCam Pro. I was able to mill it out no problem but...
  3. Mike Fleury

    Set/change Layer not working

    Anyone notice problems in drawings changing the layer of a line or other object? Also, view scale and image scale is screwed up. What happened?
  4. I

    2D drawins scale in sketches

    Iker Landaluce I have a doubt, in the 2D dragging section when I make a sketch this doesn’t have the same scale than the rest of the drawing. For example, if I´m drawing a line in a 1:10 drawing and I put a dimension of 4500 mm the line really measures 4500 mm in the drawing, instead of 450 mm...
  5. D

    Imported .DWG drawing of map: new Alibre dim & label text much too small

    My work is almost all with parts measuring much less than a cubic meter. Today, however, I needed to import a .DWG Autocad plat map into Alibre. The map is of an land area measuring 350 feet east/west and 450 feet north/south. The new 2018 importing facility worked perfectly with units set to...
  6. N

    Rescale Sketch in Sheet Metal

    Hi, I'm working on a part that was sent to me in DXF. I've copied the drawing over in to sheet metal but when I copied it over it changed the scale by nearly 100x. Is there a way to rescale the sketch in the Sheet Metal window so the dimensions match the DXF file I imported in to Drawing...