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  1. E

    saving/modifying a drawing

    Hi all, Is there a way to either save a drawing or modify an existing one using a script? I have to create lots of flanges and I need a way to save the part as a drawing an get/display as a note the dimensions. Can this be done using a script? .... .... Options = [] Options.append(["Work...
  2. Suppakit

    Using Python to make my first "Alibre Motion"

    Alibre Sample Motion Hello everyone, I just make my dream come true for done Alibre motion by using Alibre script, but this is just the beginning, I have a plan to make API for my customers who don't like to learn Python, anyway I need more suggestion for how to manipulate 6 Axis robot motion is...
  3. A

    Run Script From Batch

    Hello, I am trying to figure out if there is a way to execute an script in Alibre from batch. What I would like to do is be able to launch Alibre with a particular part (or assembly), then run a script that will update the global parameters and export a neutral CAD file. I have figured out...
  4. V

    Lofted path with guide curves generates s-shape

    I created 4 guide curves and 2 profiles to generate a loft, the result is correct at the guide curves but creates a S-shape in between. The different options in the loft feature have no effect. Is there a way to get the result shown in green? PS: I started with a sweep which did not give the...
  5. V

    How to create SweepBoss

    Hello, In this example: https://support.alibre.com/support/solutions/articles/27000049682-profile-and-sweep-path a profile and path is created, but how do I sweep add a sweep feature in the script? (Already found the solution) Solution add line...
  6. Cator


    Hi everyone, after three months of working with Alibre at a hobby level and just over a month of initiation into the Python language, I am happy to share with you one of the jobs that I was able to do as a beginner. I await your advice to improve and ask: a) Is it possible to customize the...
  7. V

    Auto Generate 2D Drawings From SQL Data

    I would like to see if anyone here had tried to automate drawing generation using Script with almost all relevant data coming from SQL Server. I would probably have 5-10 master 3D assemblies that I could use Script to gather data from SQL, adjust/suppress parts or subassemblies, adjust features...
  8. Cator

    Sketch Rectangle whith script

    Hello everybody, I want to create a rectangle, which I will then use to extrude material on the face at the ZX plane using the script, as in the "Laterale" Part. Can anyone help me please complete the script I made to do this part to add the extrusion? Thanks to all of you!
  9. Brandon_Velmex

    Editing a Part in an Assembly

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to change the length of a part in my assembly. I would like to steer clear of configurations, because I need the part to be able to be any length. Currently I have the length linked to a global parameter, which I am able to change in a script, but the length will not...
  10. Brandon_Velmex

    Script Language for Selecting and Editing Configurations

    I am trying to write a script which will build a proper assembly out of existing configurations once the menus are all complete. However, all the existing tutorials are based around building a new configuration, or a new assembly. My question is: what are the specific Python script commands for...
  11. idslk

    Script Pre Release: Assign_Material_to_Assembly_Parts_015a

    Hello colleagues, i've updated the script from THIS_TREAD to run with V22 and the new material definition... The density display has to be tested with other language installations, which can't be done by me... Comments are welcome...specially due to first script for V22;) And as ever: Use the...
  12. albie0803

    Script to apply ISO 18388 (DIN509) Undercuts in Shafts 2020-10-13

    This script will create ISO 18388(DIN509) Undercuts on a shaft. It assumes that the shaft is built on the X-Axis.
  13. GIOV

    Wizotool 4.10 2020-08-03

    Tool for do script with 32 bits Laptop
  14. idslk

    Script Release: Update Table_to_3DPoints_forum_V03

    Edit: Update to V03: # V03 does no longer create copies of points, instead it changes their coordinate values # the ee-parameter get the name of the point and an extension for the axis # table cells now can also contain formulas Hello colleagues, if you have a table like that: and you want...
  15. idslk

    Script prerelease - CoG-Point Update V03

    Edit: Update to V03 renames the original point names in EE and adds a date to the CoG point to show when it was created Hello colleagues, this script uses the physical properties to generate 3 variables in the Equation Editor and an 3D-point in the design to represent the center of gravity for...
  16. J

    OptionsDialog to select a feature

    I would like to use an OptionsDialog window to allow the user to select a specific part feature. However I don't see a feature option in the WindowsInputTypes enum. Doing some digging, I found a Features property of the Part class which is of type list, but it is empty in my part. I can access...
  17. otrotabi

    OpenFileDialog - Open existing part script

    I want to share with you a little script that uses the OpenFileDialog Function of the Windows class. # open existing part script import os Win = Windows() # show open dialog window, if user clicks on OK then a path and filename will be returned FileName = Win.OpenFileDialog('Select a part...
  18. otrotabi

    Sheet metal

    I have noticed Alibre script is not included while creating a new sheet, maybe it will in the future ? Meanwhile, I need to be able to automate sheet metal parts, and maybe if I prove myself smart enough even generate the G-code for our CNC punching machine with a script. Lots of our parts are...
  19. otrotabi

    Convert to sheet metal

    Is anyone familiar with the "Convert to sheet metal tool ?". My goal is to be able to automate sheet metal parts generation with the use of Alibre Script, but first I need to understand how this tools works because so far it does not seem possible to create sheet metal parts with Alibre script...
  20. otrotabi

    Edit existing part with a script

    Is it possible to open an existing part (created with the GUI interface) and edit it with a script ? Changing variable values for example ?