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  1. B

    Error Converting Imported STP to Sheet Metal - Bottom Edge Swapping to Top

    I'm trying to convert .stp files to bent plate but it isn't going as expected. I have received STP files produced out of TEKLA Steel Structures. Tekla doesn't do a very good job at detailing bent plates hence why I'm trying to do the conversion. One of the files (p1312) did goas I expected...
  2. T

    Sheet metal practice

    Hi everyone, How can I draw the attached part using only sheet metal environment in Alibre? It is way faster not using sheet metal, because I cannot do circular pattern for a body created by sheet metal commands. If I could make a circular pattern of the first "Contour Flange" feature, it...
  3. HaroldL

    Sheet Metal Gusset 2022-12-08

    This is a configured gusset Part file that can be inserted into a sheet metal part as a Boolean Unite feature to stiffen the bend. The part has three configurations, 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and 135 degrees. The EE has named parameters to allow the user to create new configurations based on bend...
  4. M

    Surface/sheet bodies for FEA

    Hi Guys Is it possible to model only sheet/surfaces on Atom3D? I only use the the software for FEA purposes and not really interested in developing solid models. I need to develop a sheet body/surface which can be exported as a .stp file. I know that some of the high end CAD packages allow one...
  5. HaroldL

    Open End Twist Louver 2022-11-07

    Another louver with editable parameters in the Equation Editor for changing louver size and material gauge. Here's a video describing the louvers: https://www.screencast.com/t/s1q1ZFYH
  6. HaroldL

    Closed End Twist Louver 2022-11-07

    Another louver design for Alibre Sheet Metal. Here's a video description: https://www.screencast.com/t/s1q1ZFYH
  7. R

    Showing weld seams on folded sheet metal parts

    Just wondering if anyone knows of a better way to show weld seams on folded aluminum parts that have been modeled as a sheet metal part. The material thickness I'm using at the moment is 4.7 mm. I realize there are annotations available but they don't show the physical seam. The voids where...
  8. W

    Sheet Metal - extrude?

    I have a mildly complex sheet metal part (image), from which I would like to derive some kind of gauge for easy quality control. The idea was to build something like in the image below, ideally with a few reference pins added. The problem: I could not find any way to derive the shown part within...
  9. L

    Sheet Metal Fillets

    Is there a way to add fillets to a sheet metal part (not including the "corner round" radius)? I'm trying to show coining on a part, but I'm not able to find any thumbnail that will allow me to do it. The only option I could think of is to do a cut sweep around the entire profile which is a bit...
  10. J

    Sheet Metal pisitioning in 2D Drawing

    HI. When I create a Sheet Metal part from 3D part, I get a Sheet Metal part with base part coordinate system. When create a drawing, I can positioning the part at such an angle or define new part view, where the plate is perpendicular to the screen (but still is rotated in this plane). Do...
  11. J

    How to execute a 180° bend with a bending radius that is smaller than half of the sheet thickness?

    Hey there, I'm working on Alibre Design Expert 2018. In the screenshot attached, you can see what I'm trying to achieve. I tried two ways: 1. Direct 180° bending with a bending radius of 0,75mm. -> Error 2. Making two 90° bends with 'bend only' activated, radius 0,75mm -> Error, with the first...
  12. S

    Expand Plane wireframes

    I'm a newbie. During Intro to Sheet Metal Design (page 22), of the YZ plane, the Z axis is 20 times wider than the actual Tab-Sketch I created in my Sheet Metal Part. I included a picture of the part displayed in the designer. The added arrows show the direction I want to pull the plane. Now...
  13. T

    Hardware (?) problem.

    Hi. I have a challenge, wonder if any do have a solution? Problem: Laying out a lot of holes in sheet metal (or just a part) in a pattern causes my Alibre to halt. I thought it was a HW problem, so checked with CPUID HW monitor open, and I noticed, that the only 2 cores seems to working a bit...
  14. otrotabi

    Sheet metal

    I have noticed Alibre script is not included while creating a new sheet, maybe it will in the future ? Meanwhile, I need to be able to automate sheet metal parts, and maybe if I prove myself smart enough even generate the G-code for our CNC punching machine with a script. Lots of our parts are...
  15. otrotabi

    Convert to sheet metal

    Is anyone familiar with the "Convert to sheet metal tool ?". My goal is to be able to automate sheet metal parts generation with the use of Alibre Script, but first I need to understand how this tools works because so far it does not seem possible to create sheet metal parts with Alibre script...
  16. S

    How to make hole in sheet metal NOT normal to surface

    Hello, I have this drawing where the hole that penetrates the 60 deg portion is not normal to the surface. How do I do that so I don't get this- the walls of the hole are perpendicular to the surface, and they shouldn't be. Is that not model-able ? Is that something best left to the 2D...
  17. SherpaDoug

    How to export sheet metal flat pattern as .dwg?

    I have modeled a sheet metal (sheet cardboard) part and I can unfold it with flat pattern. But how do I export it as something like a .dwg file so I can feed it to my laser cutter? There must be an obvious way that I just can't find.
  18. X

    Wizoscript & Sheet Metal

    Started with the 1st example at http://www.wizotools.com/tag/parameters/ and a simple 1x2x3 block. Wanting to run the script against a sheet metal part, released that the file extension AD_SMP added to the filename throws an error. It seams the extension AD_PRT is hard coded. Not expecting it...
  19. N

    Rescale Sketch in Sheet Metal

    Hi, I'm working on a part that was sent to me in DXF. I've copied the drawing over in to sheet metal but when I copied it over it changed the scale by nearly 100x. Is there a way to rescale the sketch in the Sheet Metal window so the dimensions match the DXF file I imported in to Drawing...