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  1. PCB ENCLOSURE.12.jpg

    PCB ENCLOSURE.12.jpg

    A sample 3U, 19 inch, rack mountable, enclosure using card guide boolean unite features.
  2. L

    Sheet Metal Fillets

    Is there a way to add fillets to a sheet metal part (not including the "corner round" radius)? I'm trying to show coining on a part, but I'm not able to find any thumbnail that will allow me to do it. The only option I could think of is to do a cut sweep around the entire profile which is a bit...
  3. K

    Cutting sheet metal tube with a surface

    Hi All I am trying to trim a lofted sheet metal half cylinder (in grey) with the blue surface. Is this possible with Alibre Expert?
  4. S

    Sheet metal tutorials

    Are there any decent tutorials on using the Sheet metal tools ? I have a part with a long edge (say 150mm) from which I need to have two narrower flanges, say 25mm long each, one 20mm from one end of the long edge, the other 60mm from the same edge. Every time I have made a flange and then...
  5. Lew_Merrick

    Lockheed K-Factor Calc system 2020-07-06

    The point of this (xlsx) spreadsheet is to define "values" that need to be set in the Equation Editor and assign those values correctly. The "units" do not matter so long as you are using them consistently. Inches define inches. Metres define metres. Furlongs define furlongs. Etc.