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  1. Cator

    Sketch Question

    Hi everyone, When I draw a sketch, for example a rectangle, by pressing TAB I can automatically set the dimensions. Good, great. But if AFTER pressing tab I try to write a parameter, this is not taken as text but as a shortcut and therefore depending on the letter the selected tool starts. Is...
  2. GIOV

    Divide Curves

    Hi Max, I do like your opinion regarding to this feature: AI said: Certainly! To divide curves in Alibre Design, you can use the “Divide” command. Here’s how you can do it: 1.-Select the Curves: First, select the curves that you want to divide. You can choose multiple curves at once...
  3. C

    What approach to take with designing a case top with different side shapes

    Hi there, I'm brand-new to Alibre Design pro. I have watched some/most of the provided free video content. This is literally day 1 of my journey with using the program. I am trying to recreate a case lid as a means of learning the software. I am trying to approximate or create a toy version of...
  4. B

    Drawing line with real time dimensioning [TAB key hit behavior]

    Hello Everyone, I am new to Alibre so maybe I am missing something. I have 2 installations of Allibre. One is originally v24 upgraded automatically to 26, the second one is a fresh v26 install. I have a question regarding real time dimensioning while drawing a line. On the upgraded verions...
  5. M

    Copy and Paste Sketches from Solidworks to Alibre Atom3D V22

    Hello all. I haven't used Alibre for a few months, so I am reacquainting myself with it. The reason for that was that my old laptop was struggling with Alibre, and I had an old version of Solidworks which it could run. I've recently replaced my laptop , so I am back with Atom3D. I seem to...
  6. evandene

    When having an imported step file in my design, I have sketch problems

    When having an imported step file in my design and try to edit any of my parts in the assembly I'm working on, the sketch dimensioning font is huge. I fact that huge I cant do anything anymore. When tough I try to edit the same part in a separate window, all is fine. I need help
  7. I

    2D drawins scale in sketches

    Iker Landaluce I have a doubt, in the 2D dragging section when I make a sketch this doesn’t have the same scale than the rest of the drawing. For example, if I´m drawing a line in a 1:10 drawing and I put a dimension of 4500 mm the line really measures 4500 mm in the drawing, instead of 450 mm...
  8. N

    showing a sketch in drawing

    Hi All How can I show a sketch created in the part file, on a drawing? If I extrude the sketch I can see it, but this gives the sketch width rather than being a single line, and this isn't ideal for my application. I COULD sketch in the drawing file, but this is a little bit of a messy...
  9. R

    Constraining sketched elements to auto-generated views in Drawing

    I have my 3d models and now I'm making drawings of them. I need to be able to sketch elements (lines and circles) on to the drawing views and constrain my sketched elements to existing views (tangent, midpoint, etc). I can certainly dimension to the sketched items, but I cannot constrain. I...
  10. M

    Reproducable crash

    I have a reproducable crash with Alibre Design 2018 (build 19030) on Windows 10. Create new assembly import a mesh (tried with serveral meshes, even the most simple ones "work"), place in center add new part for the assembly Open sketch on XY-plane with a cut through the mesh visible in the...
  11. jaysinn

    We need a Video Tutorial on making fully defined sketches

    Since I learned that I should be making my sketches Fully Defined, I've been doing a lot of experimentation and have learned a few tricks here and there - but it would be great if a real expert would do an authoritative video tutorial. For example, why is it that sometimes I can have a...