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  1. cadtec


    Hello all This script comes with an installer. It exports a loaded part as STL and calls up to ten (10) slicers simultaneously. STL export parameters are taken from the Alibre settings. The STL file is automatically loaded into the slicer. Instructions: - The programme only needs the...
  2. CrookedwoodTex

    Slice 2D DXF from 3D STL

    The file I’m using for an example comes from Terrain2STL and here is the link to Terrain2STL. I’m looking for an easy way to get a 2D slice out of the 3D STL. There are so many STLs around for 3D printing, and my current project is a lake outline from an STL created with Terrain2STL. Ideally, I...
  3. TimoCAD

    Slice or Split solid to compound solid

    Hey guys, is it possible to slice or Split a solid with a plane so that it gets an internal face in AD? Useful for splitting the shank of bolts for fea, or getting faces for boundary conditions, clamping faces, etc.