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  1. B

    I need advice/suggestions on which path to take

    Hi all, I would appreciate some advice on which path to take in order to achieve my goal. I want to load a robot that I designed in Alibre Design and train it using Reinforcement Learning. For that, I ultimately need to express it in URDF or SDF format. I need to make an informed decision...
  2. Sascha Uncia

    New User Workflow Questions

    I'm new to Alibre, coming from a background in Blender and ZBrush, and a class on Solidworks that ended this winter. I have a lot of questions about how to accomplish certain things in Alibre compared to SW, scenarios I run into where things work differently and I'm not sure of the best way to...
  3. M

    Copy and Paste Sketches from Solidworks to Alibre Atom3D V22

    Hello all. I haven't used Alibre for a few months, so I am reacquainting myself with it. The reason for that was that my old laptop was struggling with Alibre, and I had an old version of Solidworks which it could run. I've recently replaced my laptop , so I am back with Atom3D. I seem to...
  4. B

    export to IGES or SolidWorks missing

    I 'upgraded' to 2019. I now can't seem to export to IGES or to SolidWorks native formats. I've also received comments from colleagues that files I've exported in STP format do not import correctly. Anyone else having these issues? BC
  5. H

    Exporting sldprt in WizoScript

    Hi, I'm wondering if I can export to sldprt (Solidworks format) in WizoScript. I referred WizoScript Reference manual, but I just found only the functions for exporting SLT or STEP. Is there any way to export to sldprt in WizoScript? Hide