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  1. jasonmburns

    SpaceMouse Buttons

    I have a 3DConnexion Space Mouse that has programmable keys. Three of the keys are for top view, front view, and right view. One key is named fit, which centers the object and makes it fit within the viewing area of the software. Then there are some that rotate the object. When I push the...
  2. jasonmburns

    3DConnexion SpaceMouse and CadMouse in Atom3D

    While I am in Alibre Atom3D, if I try to edit the SpaceMouse settings which normally detects the software you are in while you are using it and allows you to customize settings exclusively/individually for the software you are using, the software settings are displayed for Windows Explorer...
  3. BlackBird28

    what is the "perspective view" option for?

    Hi, can someone tell me what the "perspective view" options in Alibre is for? In CATIA and Inventor it is used to fly into / between objects. If i like to view the bottom of the green sphere in the box i have to fly into the box and look upwards. in ortographic mode the camera is...