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  1. M

    Spreadsheet add in not working

    I'm trying to use the spreadsheet add in. But when I click on the parameters tool in excel the parameters UI doesn't pop up. I've checked that macros are enabled. Has anyone else seen this and figured it out?
  2. idslk

    Script Release: Update Table_to_3DPoints_forum_V03

    Edit: Update to V03: # V03 does no longer create copies of points, instead it changes their coordinate values # the ee-parameter get the name of the point and an extension for the axis # table cells now can also contain formulas Hello colleagues, if you have a table like that: and you want...
  3. JimB72

    Title block data from spreadsheet

    I am not using Vault. I am building a model of a fabricated steel structure using a spreadsheet to drive the parameters. A new fabrication job is started each week with changed parameters and the updated cutting list and drawing is printed out for the fabricators. I would like to include the...
  4. Z

    Link Global Parameters to Spreadsheet

    Hi Does anyone know whether it is possible to link Global Parameters to a spreadsheet. The green button (as seen in this post: https://www.alibreforum.com/forum/index.php?posts/123500/ ) is enabled in a new Global Parameters file (although nothing happens when it is clicked). However, as soon...