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  1. idslk

    Script Release: Update Table_to_3DPoints_forum_V03

    Edit: Update to V03: # V03 does no longer create copies of points, instead it changes their coordinate values # the ee-parameter get the name of the point and an extension for the axis # table cells now can also contain formulas Hello colleagues, if you have a table like that: and you want...
  2. JimB72

    Title block data from spreadsheet

    I am not using Vault. I am building a model of a fabricated steel structure using a spreadsheet to drive the parameters. A new fabrication job is started each week with changed parameters and the updated cutting list and drawing is printed out for the fabricators. I would like to include the...
  3. Z

    Link Global Parameters to Spreadsheet

    Hi Does anyone know whether it is possible to link Global Parameters to a spreadsheet. The green button (as seen in this post: https://www.alibreforum.com/forum/index.php?posts/123500/ ) is enabled in a new Global Parameters file (although nothing happens when it is clicked). However, as soon...