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  1. idslk

    Script Release: Update Table_to_3DPoints_forum_V03

    Edit: Update to V03: # V03 does no longer create copies of points, instead it changes their coordinate values # the ee-parameter get the name of the point and an extension for the axis # table cells now can also contain formulas Hello colleagues, if you have a table like that: and you want...
  2. Hunter

    How to set default font of tables

    I cannot find a (the?) setting for changing the default font of tables in the DRW environment; or I'm doing something wrong. My tables default to Arial 9pt, but I want the tables to default to a different font and size. Anyone know how to do this?
  3. cadtec

    LibreLink for LibreOffice

    LibreLink for LibreOffice LibreLink This is the first Public release for testing! With LibreLink, you can link parameters and variables into Libre Office and Alibre Design. LibreLink is available in 15 languages. Info: The installation program integrates Libre Link directly into the add-on...