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  1. Stuart

    Perpendicular / Corner Loft

    How do I get this loft to be tangent to each perpendicular face? I want it to be smooth like a fillet on an edge. I've selected tangent on the curved end. If I select tangent on the rectangular end, I can't find any magnitude or angle that will make it smooth.
  2. T

    How do I hatch an area with a circular edge tangent to a line?

    The hatch in 2018 works fine with lines intersecting at angles to form a shape. It fails when I try to hatch an area that has a fillet blending into a line. The full line is selected instead of the line up to the point of intersection. Sometimes I can hatch an area that has an internal hole...
  3. jaysinn

    We need a Video Tutorial on making fully defined sketches

    Since I learned that I should be making my sketches Fully Defined, I've been doing a lot of experimentation and have learned a few tricks here and there - but it would be great if a real expert would do an authoritative video tutorial. For example, why is it that sometimes I can have a...
  4. iwanttoslot

    over constrained circles and lines

    I don't understand why i cant make the three lines be tangentially constrained to the closest circles. Where the heck have i over constrained this. Pulling my hair out. Even if i just draw two circles anywhere and try to constrain them in any way i get an over constrained error. am going to...