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  1. CrookedwoodTex

    Fillet on Extruded Text

    Thanks for looking at this! I'm just learning on the Trial Version of Atom3D. Coming from Sketchup 2017 and trying to find a viable replacement. I think I have. Working through a simple design for a branding iron logo, I've extruded some text from a flat plane part. Then it occurred to me that...
  2. R

    Best way to add text to a part or assembly?

    What is the best way to add text to a part? I am making a rear panel for a product which has a lot of small boilerplate text for the usual cautions and warnings, along with connector labels and CE, FCC, RoHS symbols. I currently make a 2D sketch on the face of the panel, then extrude it a...
  3. simonb65

    Can't Edit Sketch Text Figures ... BUG??

    Can someone confirm that editing a sketch figure in 2018.1.1 is always greyed out! If you look at the help, it says ... However, If I add text to a sketch ... The upper one is normal added text, the lower is exploded text, yet Edit in the right click menu is greyed out for both figures and...
  4. D

    Imported .DWG drawing of map: new Alibre dim & label text much too small

    My work is almost all with parts measuring much less than a cubic meter. Today, however, I needed to import a .DWG Autocad plat map into Alibre. The map is of an land area measuring 350 feet east/west and 450 feet north/south. The new 2018 importing facility worked perfectly with units set to...