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  1. silver2row

    Me Again with Inner (ID) Threading and Ideas! (SOLVED)

    Hello, Slow to the game here once more (even though I mentioned something a while back in another post)... Okay. So, if the 0.394" hole needs to be threaded internally, how would I go about this idea? It should not be beyond me so far but it is beyond me. Should I measure from the center...
  2. D

    Missing External Thread Callout with interrupted threads

    I tried to find this among the other topics without much success and I've had this problem for a couple of years now. Surely, I'm not the only one. If I make an external thread using the tool in part modeling and then add some feature on the thread, like a keyway, the 2D drawing application...
  3. bigseb

    PCO 1881 Preform 2020-05-23

    PCO 1881 Preform
  4. T

    display thread not completely

    Hello, I've only been using alibre recently. I still have a problem with the representation of threads in assemblies. If a part (e.g. screw) is partially covered, the thread is still displayed completely. Can anyone tell me what I need to adjust to change this? So that only the thread is shown...
  5. bigseb

    Metric Countersunk Screws DIN 13 DIN 7991 2019-10-26

    Metric Countersunk Screws DIN 13 DIN 7991
  6. bigseb

    Metric Cap Screws DIN 13 DIN 912 2019-10-26

    Metric Cap Screws DIN 13 DIN 912
  7. bigseb

    Dowel Pin w Thread DIN 7979 2019-10-19

    Dowel Pin w Thread DIN 7979
  8. idslk

    funny behavior using helix

    I've tried to make a "real" thread using Helix. To start with something the sketch has not all details, but the main dimensions are M6 x 1. For this sample i have used Helical Boss with no "core" for first test... First attempt has 1mm pitch and a sketch with a triangle with 1mm heigth. It...