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I find that I loose a lot of time trying to make usable 2D drawings from my 3D models.

There are a lot of cheap or free clones of Autocad 2D. Why can't Alibre produce an Autocad clone for its 2D drawings?





I strongly second this suggestion. I spend probably 30-50% more time on detailing 2D dwgs than a comparable Autocad or equivalent package. Improving 2D functionality will be a big boost for productivity and acceptance of Alibre as a mainstream design package. Please make a list of suggested enhancements for 2D detailing.

Some of my humble requests would be:
1. 2D Details/Symbols: Allow measurement to all its features, and improve functionality in general.
2. Extend and limit lines/arcs to any position.
3. Add centerline and center point to Arcs, not only full circles, for both items generated from the Parts directly, or those created by 2D Sketcher in a View.
4. Allow BASIC dimension to be default dimension format.
5. Refresh drawing when Part is modified, without having to close drawing and re-open.
6. Add View names on drawing automatically.
7. Allow diameter dimension with bent arrow and leader. Does not currently seem to work.
8. Add Sheet number on drawing automatically.
9. Allow 2D Sketch to detect items on Views and Sections. This does not currently always seem to work.
10. Allow repositioning of Section annotation without changing position of the actual Section.
11. Add Measure capability in 2D.



To be able to create shaded views, even shaded section views.
In assembly drawing to be able to create the assembly with the different colors to help identify the different parts without making exploded views.
I would love to see these improvements along the ones listed above. :wink:


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7. Allow diameter dimension with bent arrow and leader. Does not currently seem to work.

If I understand you correctly you can go to the properties of the dimension, select outside arrows then suppress dim line 2 and ext line 2 and you will get what you are asking for.

Without a doubt it would be nice if we had a way to set this style as the default instead of jumping through all of these hoops!