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3D connexion space mouse


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I have a SpaceMouse wired. 3DConnexion installation software is version 3.5.6. It allows for 26 different driver installations. What is the correct type to support Alibre Design Version 26 (latest)?
Also, please advise on how to turn the SpaceMouse off after closing Alibre.
I'd like to update to the latest 3DConnexion drivers and would need to know how to turn the latest version off too. I did have a .bat file that turned it off until I got a new computer and messed up the .bat file.
You can deselect the different software support options for the 3DConnexion drivers if you do not have them installed on your computer. I just let it load everything.
To turn off the driver go to your Start menu and select Stop 3DXWWare. If you don't Stop it then it will recognize other programs you may have, like a internet browser or Google Earth. I leave mine on all the time.


If you let it check for updates it will download the latest for you to install. No need to stop or uninstall the previous version first.


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Since I bought my new Space Mouse Wireless and removed the old drivers and installed the new ones the problem has gone.
No sign of it for a week now. Yippppeeeeeeeeeee :D