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3D Printing & 3D Scanning Info


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Hoping someone here can help me out. I'am looking at getting a 3D scanner in the future to aid me in designing car parts/accessories. Can you take the scan data into Alibre Atom and work with it or do you need a plugin or a different version of Alibre?


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Typically the scan data is a point cloud or something similar that needs to be processed in another software before making a surface. Even after that it is often highly tessellated and has holes.


Good luck. I have two scanners and still struggle to get things right. I’m hoping the new Moose scanner that uses AI to fill in holes and issues is better. Biggest problem is like previous poster said, filling holes and weird artifacts. I never had success with Alibre on mesh editing. Rhino3d seems a little better suited, but even then I think people still use a plugin in some cases made for it. I think blender might be a better one too. Editing meshes are a challenge.


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I have the Range, Pop 2 and Mini from Revopoint. They are amazing now the software has matured, was very rough to start with.
Converting the scan in to something to work with in Alibre is the tricky bit. This was recommended I think, not tried it myself yet https://instepstudio3d.com/#meshtocad
The kids trainer below was an unedited scan on the Mini, it printed off very successfully.


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