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wow, that would be big enough.
so scap the the idea of a fdm?
resin over fdm?
Depends what you want to do. Resins are getting pretty sophisticated now so most likely I would stick with resin.

FWIW people are now mixing resins to get the properties they want. Maybe something worth looking into.


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printed 2 halves with the hook slot, then glued the 2 halves togeather,
Did some threaded floating inserts some time ago. Also printed in two halves, put in the threaded insert and then solvent-welded the two halves together using acetone (printed in ABS).





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Way Wipes for my lathe. Soft tpu wipes epoxied to pla bodies.

Reloading tool organizers.

Lathe tool holder rack.

Collet racks and end mill index.

Handles for digital readout display.

Test indicator rack.

Chuck cradle.

Milling table parts tray.

Door bump stop to keep the knob from hitting the drywall.

Internal soft jaws (tpu) for my homemade rifle tripod adapter clamp.

PLA base for my homemade titanium/aluminum reloading powder trickler.

Tailstock parts tray and dial indicator adapter.

A ball screw chip guard for my CNC mill.

Edge finder and drill chuck rack for my manual mill.

Roll resistant headstock mat for my manual lathes headstock. Made of soft tpu.

A wall mount caliper holder.

6.5 Creedmoor reloading blocks.

Some parts trays to keep small parts from wandering off.

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I made another toolpost indicator holder today.

I use my edge tech toolpost indicator all the time to dial parts in my 4 jaw chuck, but till now have to use a magnetic base to indicate the face.

This one works for measuring the face of parts. I made the dovetailed part from a scrap of 316 stainless, and 3d printed the indicator mount.



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Finally finished my first real 3D modeling project (I have done a few modifications or embossing of logos on stuff using Fusion 360, but couldn't get further than that before). Took about a weekend to get the initial design done, then a few hours over a week or two along with printing prototypes to get it the way I wanted to. I needed a way to get a cooling fan to be installed in a small computer tower for an AI/Render graphics card that has no cooling itself. Been running it for a week and a half with good success. I have posted it to Printables to get feedback and just to see if it is useful for anyone else. Tesla M40 Fan Blower Adapter


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I installed a dash-cam in the wife's jeep some time ago and she didn’t like the cable hanging down. I made some of these clips to help with cable management. It was a success!JC-2 Full b.jpg20230211_152634.jpg20230211_144655.jpg