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3D Printing noob.


I'm thinking about buying a 3D printer... I have zero experience but am prepared to spend in region of £800 to get a machine that will produce accurate reliable prints with minimum fuss. Ideally I'd like something that can work with a variety of filaments (not keen on resin printers - just look way too messy). The Crealty 3D CR-5 pro seems to have good specs but is it any good in reality? Then there is the Flashforge creator pro v2..
So may different models to choose from. Quite keen to get a printer with an enclosure; mainly because it will sit right behind me in my very small home office.



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I've been happy with the Prusa Mk3 that I bought a couple years ago. That's about US$750 in kit form or US$1k fully assembled.


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I got a Prusa i3 Mk3S+ kit last year, out of the box (well as soon as I built it!) it produces great quality prints. Bit on the higher priced end of the spectrum though, but would certainly recommend it! It's quite a small footprint and there are plenty of videos on converting cheap Ikea tables (bit of glass/perspex and 3d printed hinges, etc) into an enclosure for printing ABS, etc. that need higher ambient temps and no draughts.
Prusa. If you have the money.

If your just wanting to try 3D printing and not expecting to use the machine a whole lot, Creality Ender 3v2 is quite good, once calibrated and with an extruder upgrade.


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Update to earlier post, Prusa now do an enclosure for the i3 MK3S+ ... an announcement was published on their YouTube channel yesterday! Might have to invest in one of those myself.