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3Dconnexion for Atom 3D


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Hello, i am a newbee here and as well in Alibre Atom and I want to know if the 3Dconnexion soft and hardware is compatible with Atom. I saw it is for Design but is it the same interface.
Want to buy a Spacemouse from them.


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Atom3D is essentially the same software as Alibre Design, but feature limited by licence code. The 3DC device should be compatible.


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It works for me. Did have a bit of trouble getting it to recognize Atom3D
one thing to remember when using the Spacemouse or Navigator is to Calibrate it occasionally. Be sure to have the LEDs active/On before you start. They are the indication that calibration is taking place.


  1. Open an Alibre part workspace and active.
  2. On the Task Bar or from the Hidden Icon pop up, RMB click on the Space Navigator or Spacemouse icon and select Calibrate.
  3. Heed the warning about not touching the cap while the LEDs are blinking.
  4. Wait for the calibration to complete and close the message dialog when it's done.
These steps work for me and I suspect that they should work for Spacemouse too.