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Alibre Design Discord Server?


Hi all.
Just wanted to propose this idea that came in my mind and gauge the interest and opinions of fellow members and Alibre team.

It's about Alibre having a presence on Discord.
Discord is like a relaxed, casual version of Slack.

It would be amazing if we had an Alibre Discord server, where users may have more laid back, long-form conversations about Alibre, share their works, solve each others issues.
Have conversations on Voice channels and Live Stream workflows or to help and show somebody.

Most of the tools I use, companies have official servers setup, Blender, Substance, 3d Coat, Marmoset, Luxcore, Octane, Moi, Plasticity, Rizom, Freecad, Reaper and the list goes on...
Everybody knows each other and help is just minutes away.
It's great for community building and user interaction.

I think it would be lovely if we could have something like this.