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Altering the ground reference plane to the part or Vis versa


Hello and thanks in advance

I have a part, its a LCD bezel that was based of dxf file. I copied its profiles and managed to build a part. Its not pretty in its construction but it is right in the end.

I can export it to an stl file with no issues (cannot read it back in alibre but other software can see it) but as the original drawing was started from the dxf and that was not parallel with any plane, the part has ended up at an angle.

So my question is how do I adjust the whole part to lay flat on the bottom surface.

The part is attached so you can see my issue

Really appreciate any help



  • Bezel 3.AD_PRT
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Simplest would to Boolean Unite that part into a new part workspace. You can then position it as you wish.