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Assembly loads but then locks up


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Does the file mentioned in the error message open OK? If so try hitting F5 to regenerate it, then save. Does the assembly then open?

If that file doesn't open, or doesn't exist there is more detective work to do.

If the file exists, but assembly still won't open, try moving the file to a different folders, then try opening the assembly again. Hopefully it'll report a missing part - don't try to re-insert the problem file, instead let the assembly open without problem file.

If that works it just leaves one part to repair or to rebuild.

Support might be able to assist, they'll need all the files.
Hi, I have this problem a couple of weeks back.
Only way to unfreeze Alibre was use Task manager to force quit program.
After several trial and error attempts.
My assembly file had 2 configurations loaded on it
I ended up saving multiple copies of same assembly. Each with required Configuration.
Freezing stopped as soon as file only had 1 configuration .
Hope this helps