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Can I make something like this in Alibre (Loft-Sweep-Spline-Blend)?

Hi Guys :)
This is my first post in here.

As an "old" Alibre user (2014) I am really, REALLY, REALLY excited to find out that my old "love" have come back, better and stronger than ever before. I have literaly struggled with FreeCad and it nearly killed me, because everything was hard to do, when I was used to work with the ease of Alibre.

Is it possible to make something like the attached images with loft or sweep multi section with soft transitions in Alibre?

If yes, is there an example part to work out from somewhere?

Or a link to a video that explains how to do it with theese smooth transitions between cross sections?

Thanks in advance,
Christian Garrelts


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This video might be helpful
The video was made using a previous version, but the basics remain the same.