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Can someone help me figure this out? I wanted to make a chain like this and I cannot get that working. I can draw a link yes but how do i make a chain from the link? I can't seem to constrain the links to make a chain. thats is one thing i would like but then after that i would like to know how to make it flex. check out this link for inventor



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I see that you just joined the forum,Welcome. And which version of Alibre do you have and how familiar are you with it?

It appears that Inventor has some more advanced constraints than Alibre. In an Alibre Assembly you'll need to use the parts Reference Geometry (Tangent will work but it takes some effort) and maybe a "helper part" that can be hidden.

What is the final design going to be?
I don't think the chain will flex like in the video although it can be assembled.

Here's a close up of a chain I put together on a model I did some time ago - it did not flex. The whole image is in the Media section.
(sorry for the blur)
Yes I did and thank you. I am very new to alibre design. I just got it a few months ago and I don't use it much but I have done inventor and SolidWorks. Everytime so far when I use this program I can't finish what I was doing as it just doesn't work as hoped. I am planning to draw a swing set. So it's a pretty simple basic task I thought but turns out to be something impossible for me to do on alibre design


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Alibre doesn't work like SW or Inv so you'll need to learn a new workflow to get the results you want. Mind you that it won't make a chain move like your video but you could make it swing. If this is something that you would be satisfied with I can put together a short video showing how this was done.

chain swing.gif


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Ok, here's a short quick video to illustrate how I created the chain swing. Well, actually I changed the method of creating the chain. If you look at the Design Explorer in the above video you see a lot of constraints. That's because each link is placed and constrained individually. I demonstrate using a linear pattern in the following video which is easier but the motion is not as smooth.



In case this is a useful approximation for you, here's a video:

I added two points on the chains and then mated them. Then turn off the minimum motion tool and move stuff around.


Alibre package attached as well.


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