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If you're colorblind and willing to give feedback on some colorblind-friendly changes we're considering, pls let me know. :D


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There are very few people who are truly colorblind. Most have some amount of red/green and, or blue/yellow deficiency.

I have some red/green deficiency as well. Happy to help out any way I can.

But, I'm honestly finding the visuals to be quite good as-is.
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Red / Green problems here also, as about 8% -9% (!) percent of people.
Problem is to distinguish red and grenn if they are close together, or if a Sign / Symbol / Icon is shown sometimes in Red and then in Green. Simply don't recognize it. So somtimes "warnings" and "statuses" are not recognized by me. Wisch ther would be different geomtries for differrent states or different colors which are easier to distingish.
Side note: Driving a car cause no problem.. The light on top is red, the light on the bottom is green. But running a railroad engine would be desaterous, in Railroad (at least here in Germany) there is one light that switches from green to red... thats why I stay on the road.



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Hi Stefan,

Just a hint, I don't know if it actually helps:
Windows 11
Please take a look:

Shortcut: Windows logo + U

In English:
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Hi Ralf,
thanks a lot for that did not know. Since I am still on Windows 10 I test it there and will eport back.
Thanks a lot and BR


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I am red-green color blind and find the color combinations used in Alibre a challenge. I am a daily user and happy to give feedback.


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Thanks for all the readiness to help!

Overview of this project:
Over the next 2 releases, we will be migrating all icons and dialogs to be SVG (vector) based instead of image based. This will result in AD having an entirely different, yet familiar look and feel. Streamlining and consistency in the UI is a top priority. However, we get some cool side benefits to this project. One is that all icons will look very crisp at all times on every resolution. Another is that we can programmatically change the colors in the icons based on the color scheme selected by the end user. So for example, a color scheme for red-limited vision would go into each icon and replace the red with a yellow, perhaps.

Phase 1 of this project should ship next release, which is the SVG-ification of the icons. We will be creating several (?) new color schemes specifically for colorblind folks.

When we have the basic icon work done and the icons are able to be changed via color schemes, I will reach back out here because then I will have something to show you. This is perhaps 4-6 weeks out. We can discuss whether we need multiple color palettes based on different kinds of colorblindness, or whether a common colorblind palette is sufficient.

Some research I've been looking at:

This is an example (that is probably not very good) of how we might map our new regular/muted colors which all the icons will be from (top) to a colorblind palette (bottom). Just a quick first take, and it's quite possible the mapping below results in total nonsense visually, but until I can see the final icons with the new mapping it's hard to tell. What is more important here is whether you can easily distinguish between all the colors in the bottom color palette.


How you can help right now
If you happen to have examples of good color palettes for your specific flavor of colorblindness that you can very easily distinguish, please post a link to it as well as describe which flavor of colorblindess you have.

See you guys in a few weeks :D


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For the bottom pallette, it would be interesting to see them at only several pixels lineweight for a more accurate representation of how they might appear in the workspace. The "yellow" and the "gold" in the "regular" color are very close for me.