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combining 2 2d images to create a 3d image

old woodworker

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I am new to CAD and Alibre. I have 2 design elements for the arm of a chair. top view and the side view. i want to combine these into a 3d image for cut out on the Shapeoko 5 CNC router.


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Have you taken a look at the Alibre tutorials? There is a lot of good stuff there. There is a certain learning curve, but you can get up and running quickly.


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Here's an example of time lapse modeling using multiple images.

There is a full step by step of this available as well.

old woodworker

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this is a copy of both items to combine into a 3d image. the top image is a side view and the bottom image is a top view. DWG File out of Illustrator

Thank you for the help. I want to make these on the Shapeoko 5 CNC machine.


  • Chair Arm.dwg
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