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Exploded assembly collapsed in drawing view.


Senior Member
Yesterday I created a drawing wherein I added a view orientation set to the exploded view. This morning when I opened the drawing the view has collapsed to its assembled state and I can not find a way to refresh the view to the set/exploded state.

I am obviously missing something.

Does anyone have any suggestions please.


Staff member
Had there been any changes to either the model or the 3D model exploded view? 2D exploded views don't update to show changes, you have to delete/re-create the view.

I don't think I've seen exploded view revert to non-exploded state before though (but not something I use a lot).


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I have deleted the original view, created a new view, closed and reopened Alibre. Thus far the view is remaining in the exploded state. Thankfully the BOM callouts are still numbering correctly.