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EZ-CAM is a reseller for Alibre Design in Turkey. We aren't developing a CAM add-on, but we're still encouraging 3rd party software developers to develop integrations with Alibre Design.

The only fully integrated CAM system currently is made by Mecsoft. We're still CAM neutral - we want our customers to have several options when the need for CAM arises :)


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Is Mecsoft fully integrated? I was under the impression that was still standalone...


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EZ-CAM looks great but way out of budget. Spent $60 for Estlcam, https://www.estlcam.de/. That was after a bit of a search through a list of software (but not all). It is an Alibre Drawing to DXF export like most, but gets what I need done for now.

Tried Dolphin CAD CAM and it makes you load its entire suite of software, and cannot import splines from the DXF (wasted $49.00 on Mill Basic).