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Funny error message


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I am including the design file of a part named Armoir A - Traverse.AD_PRT.
If you open it, and invoke the Parameter (f);
then change the dimention of the parameter called LargPorte and clic OK
in the construction tree, Extrusion<3> and Mirror<4> will be in red showing an error.
Then you open to edit the sketch<3>
you nothing and close it.
Now there is no more error!
What is wrong into my construction of the Sketch<3>.



  • Armoire A - Traverse.AD_PRT
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Hi Claude,
if you left-click on function three and go to status it will explain that the function is red because it is autointersecting. Now this is probably because it is linked to the mirror function immediately following.....


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It looks like the spline in your sketch<3> is becoming disconnected when the length is changed.

Note the highlighted sketch in this screen shot.

The status indicates the open sketch:


However when you edit the sketch is will rebuild and correct the extrude cut.

I tried replacing the spline by inserting points, dimensioned to the locations in your model, then constrained the spline nodes to those points. The result is the same as before and wouldn't update until sketch <3> was edited and closed. Maybe you should have Support take a look at this.
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The message is saying, the figure is open, but it is not and if do nothing and just exit edirt sketch, everything rebuild fine.


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I also found, it always does it after first opening, but not if you change it agin, If you close it and re-open, the behavior will show after one dimension change.


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can I refer support to the forum?
I have referred support to a post on the forum for a couple of tickets that I submitted. I'd still provide them with the part file though. I suppose they could check the forum for additional information.