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Hello from a Newbie


Hello All,
Hope I'm not being rude but just joined the forum and thought I'd say hello. My name is Jim.
I'm an ex Autodesk Inventor user and bought Atom last year.
I've been busy with our house move and major building work but hoping to get to grips with it all soon.
Although I've not had much time I like what I see and intend upgrading to Alibre Design in April (New tax year)
Inventor and Alibre are VERY similar but different enough to scratch my head a lot so I hope I can ask on here for help.
I'm retired but sometimes get asked to do bits of freelance CAD stuff.
Inventor is WAY overpriced so going to splash out on Alibre but my life expectancy will be very short if Mrs. Jim finds out.
Thanks in advance.



Jim welcome to the forum. You will find a lot of guys here willing to answer any question you may have. Alibre is great software and is capable of doing a lot of things. I use Solidworks daily at work and Alibre at home. Haven't found anything I do in SW that I can't do in Alibre. Again welcome and good luck with your Alibre journey.


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Hi Jim,
Welcome to the forum. As you can see our community is friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand. Be sure to check out our Training page for in-depth info on the tools available as well as walkthroughs to help get you started. https://www.alibre.com/training/
Good luck!


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I'm retired but
You'll be in good company here - few will admit to it but I suspect there are quite a few retirees lurking on the forum. Great advantage - means that there is an abundance of experience and knowledge you can tap into.


Thank you Serenity.
I expect to get my hands on the full version Mid April. (my birthday ish)
I'm currently running Atom at the mo.

Just purchased 4MCad too.
Also got a CNC Router and learning Vectric Aspire.
Also . . . . . . . . . Got a puppy.
So trying to learn a lot with limited time.
My biggest problem is retaining what I've seen.
It all makes perfect sense in a video but when you come to do it . . . . . . . . there's a lot of tears. o_O