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Hi I'm Joseph! You may have noticed some new videos lately....

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I'd like to introduce myself here, I've started working with Alibre making help videos, documentation etc. You may have seen them on YouTube-


I'm sometimes called 'Joko' or 'Joko Engineering' from previous videos I've published on YouTube. My goal is to make Alibre as easy and fun as possible and I'd like to have a thread where people can request videos on topics. I can't guarantee I can get to all of them, but I will tackle as many as I can. I hope to be able to support the community as much as I possibly can, make some new friendships and bring a lot of fun too.

Please feel free to request any content that could be helpful to you or the community. Thank you so much for your time and here's to a lot of fun videos!


P.S.- When posting, be sure to be specific! e.g. 'Make a sketch tutorial' could be too general if you're actually looking for 'make a video on how constrains work'
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