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Holes at an angle around a cylinder.


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How do I "drill" the nine holes in the Piston/cylinder, see detail "B" below





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The easiest would be to create the centre hole (the one on the axis) then do 2 patterns, 1 up (anti-clockwise) and one down (clockwise)

You don't have an absolute position for the hole but I would assume that the top edge is tangent to the 69 height ring.
Insert a plane on this face. Insert a plane tangent to the piston on the side the holes are.
Use these 2 planes to create an axis.
Use axis and tangent face to insert a plane at 25°.
Sketch a 2mm circle or use the hole tool and position the hole tangent to the corner and extrude.
Pattern the extrusion 5 times at 12.5°
Pattern again 5 times the other way.
See attached V26 quick and dirty model which shows the procedure.

You could also create an offset tangent plane at 50° to get the first hole and then pattern 9 in the correct way.


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Thanks a lot, both!!

I got on to this design via Ken226's recommendation to look at some designs at "Studycadcam," which I think initially was a link from you, Harold.

While watching your Video, I noticed that your right-click brought up some "icons" rather than a list of tools; see the image at 36 seconds. How do I set my UI to do that?

This is how I usually see things when in a drawing.

Thanks again!